Happy Earth Day 2023

Happy Earth Day!

Enjoy nature today. And if you feel up to it, below is a list of green gig jobs that you can do:

1, Planting trees.
2. Tree maintenance, measurement, and verification.
3. Picking up litter.
4. Clearing debris in forests (wildfire hardening and site preparation).
5. Taking pollution readings, providing water treatment feedback from their faucet.
6. Composting food waste
7. Build a garden in the backyard.
8. Counting bird populations.
9. Providing photographic evidence of natural disasters.
10. Measure sea-level rise and shoreline erosion.
11. Coastal cleanup and marine debris removal.
12. Wildlife habitat restoration and invasive species management.
13. Urban farming and community garden development.
14. Energy efficiency auditing and retrofitting for residential and commercial buildings.
15. Sustainable waste management, including recycling and composting initiatives.
16. Environmental education and awareness campaigns.
17. Water conservation and watershed protection projects.
18. Green infrastructure installation, such as rain gardens and permeable pavements.
19. Install solar panels.
20. Install DIY geothermal systems.
21. DIY Greenhouses and swamp coolers.
22. Install LED lights.
23. Insulate the water heater.
24. Install double-glazed windows.
25. Energy efficiency projects and helping households transition to green energy.
26. Home insulation, switching to renewable electricity from gas heating.

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